Accounting, Consulting and Tax Services

 Financial Reporting and Analysis 

- Non-profit organizations

- Private enterprises

Monthly financial reporting are a valuable tool in assisting the business owners in decision making process.

Canadian Corporate and Personal Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax compliance is a requirement for all Canadian private companies and you need professional accountants to perform the strategic and skillful planning to reduce the amount of tax payable to Canada Revenue Agency. 

Out team prepares corporate tax returns for your business. 

We can develop the most tax-effective planning keeping in mind maximization of your bottom line.

US Corporate and Personal Tax Preparation and Planning

Are you an US citizen living abroad? If so, we can help dealing with  IRS issues.

As professional accountants we can prepare any type of personal Canadian and US tax return, including but not limited to tax returns for sole proprietors and partnerships.

Financial Reporting and Forecast

We provide small businesses with bookkeeping services to help you stay organized. 

We prepare customized financial statements and financial forecast as required by most lenders.

All major financial institutions require 3 - 5 years financial forecast for business financing purposes.